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Skeleton Coast National Park

The Skeleton Coast National Park stretches for 500 km (310 mi) south of the Kunene River along the Namibian coast, reaching 40 km (25 mi) inland, covering an area of 16845 sq. km (6504 sq mi).
It is a harsh desert environment, dependent largely on heavy fog for moisture, with the landscape rising from the Atlantic Ocean into an extensive dune field, later punctuated by semi-arid vegetation, contrasting the verdant Kunene wetlands in the far north. Vast colonies of seals line the shore, while the interior is home to desert-adapted wildlife, including lions, rhinos and elephants. Accessible only by 4×4 vehicle and air charter, the park offers both government and privately-owned lodge accommodations.

Plan Your Trip

A visit to the Skeleton Coast National Park for self-drive visitors will require some logistical planning, given its remoteness and scarcity of services. Aside from its scenic beauty and wildlife, the park is also popular with anglers, who must obtain a fishing licence prior to entry.  Only the southern section of the park is open to the general public. The area north of Torra Bay is a private concession, accessible only to fly-in clients visiting the lodge in that area. The easiest way to experience the park is by using the services of professional tour operators, and Africa’s Eden Travel will gladly assist you in arranging your visit to this uniquely special wilderness.