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Commonly referred to as Swakop, the coastal resort town of Swakopmund lies on the Atlantic coast of central Namibia. Roughly five hours drive from the capital, it is popular with Namibians on their holidays, also drawing visitors from further afield.
The city is marked by distinctive German architecture, a remnant of the country’s colonial past, with some quipping it is the southernmost German North Sea town. From a tourism perspective, Swakopmund is regarded as the adventure capital of Namibia and serves as the base for numerous adventure activities by air, land and water. As a result, a wide range of accommodation options caters to all market segments.

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Swakopmund is readily accessible on well-paved roads or by air via nearby Walvis Bay. The town is Namibia’s adventure mecca, with a large selection of exciting activities to choose from. There are several options to explore the area by air, whether in an aeroplane, helicopter or hot-air balloon. Sky-diving takes place at the Swakopmund airfield. In the water, both the surfing and angling options are surprisingly good. By land, venture into the desert by quad bike, on horseback, or on foot. For the agile, dune boarding is the desert equivalent of snowboarding. Swakop has a good selection of restaurants and pubs, along with some fascinating museums and galleries.