Africa’s Eden is Hosting Your Fam Tours

Africa’s Eden will now be hosting familiarisation tours for our members on our website. By taking advantage of our vast promotional reach and our extensive database of over 10,000 travel trade contacts, you can showcase your offerings and attract a wider audience.

Our fam tour page is set to become the ultimate destination for trade professionals seeking fam tours outside of traditional travel shows and scheduled events. For instance, it would be ideal to feature fam tours in Africa’s Eden before and after Indaba, taking advantage of the influx of international travellers already present in Southern Africa. These visitors can conveniently search for and select their desired tour in Africa’s Eden, making our website the go-to resource.

Africa’s Eden will serve as the host for fam tours by providing a dedicated listing on our website. All aspects related to the fam including buyer acceptance, costs, terms, and conditions are the responsibility of the hosting company. Tours can vary in duration and can be offered by individual companies, partnerships between members forming a joint itinerary or fam tours organized by member tour operators and destination management companies (DMCs)

Fam Tours

No Fam Trips currently running.
New Fam Trips are hosted regularly, please check back soon.