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Omarunga Epupa-Falls Campsite

Campsites on the riverbank are among the greatest places to set up tents, take out chairs and a good book and be lulled by the gentle river song. Great scenery reigns supreme for favourite camping places and the relaxed and rustic Omarunga Epupa-Falls Campsite, under the makalanis and on the banks of the Kunene, is a rare find. It’s time to leave behind day to day concerns and reconnect with nature. In this remote area, you are explorer and adventurer in a new and different world.

After a dusty drive of earthy colours with several baobabs marking the way, the verdant green band of makalanis comes into view and the small Kunene River oasis, with its local Himba people dressed in traditional garb, the rush of the falls and the gentle flow of the river unaware of its exciting 40m plunge down the rocky gorge.

Spend time absorbing the jubilant energy at Epupa Falls and partake in the exhilarating lodge activities. Experiencing the great outdoors in places like Epupa lifts the soul, energises and inspires; and Omarunga is one to add to lists, to reminisce over and to return to time and time again.

An unexpected treat in the far northern extremes of Kaokoland.

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