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Matobo National Park

The oldest national park in Zimbabwe, Matobo National Park is 50 km to the south of Bulawayo city. Expect to be awed by the dramatic Matopos Hills granite outcrop or kopjes.


Amalinda Lodge

Amalinda Lodge, an African inspired refuge, where world-class facilities combine with the spiritual energy, allure and unique beauty, for which the Matobo Hills is so celebrated.

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Matobo National Park is relatively compact at 445 However, while small compared to other parks, Matopo is blessed with striking granite outcrops and ancient cultural resources, including a series of rock paintings.

Visiting Matobo National Park is a unique experience weaving elements of nature, history, cultural heritage and wildlife unlike any other park in Southern Africa. You’ll find more information about visiting this iconic park in the sections below. Alternatively, feel free to get in touch with any of our local accommodation and tour providers for travel advice.