Amalinda Lodge

Amalinda Lodge, an African inspired refuge, where world-class facilities combine with the spiritual energy, allure and unique beauty, for which the Matobo Hills is so celebrated.

Amalinda Lodge

The granite domes and castle kopjes of the Matobo Hills, Zimbabwe, are among the most majestic rock sceneries in the world. Nestled in this unique range of hills is Camp Amalinda, situated only 45kms from Bulawayo.

Amalinda consists of nine individually thatched rooms including 3 honeymoon suites, 3 family rooms, 2 double rooms & 1 single room, which are all set into the huge boulders.

Each room is steeped in African historical artefacts of a bygone era and tucked away into an ancient bushman’s shelter, Camp Amalinda’s charm will leave an indelible impression on every visitor.

Property Facilities

Room Facilities


Rhino Tracking by Vehicle or Foot
The Matobo Hills is one of the last bastions of both black and white rhino in Africa. The most unforgettable safari experience will be an approach up to this endangered species. This encounter is offered within the skills and knowledge of our experienced guides. Please note: For rhino tracking on foot, guests will need to...
Explore the sites of San Bushman Cave Paintings
Explore the hills where mysterious nomads once held their sacred ceremonies. The rocky granite topography boasts more than 2000 sites of the San (Bushman) tribes and is probably the richest source of San rock art known. This area, and several famous rocks here – known to the Ndebele people – hold spiritual significance of bygone...
Visit the world famous tomb of Cecil John Rhodes
Drive through the granite hills in the footsteps of Cecil John Rhodes. Visit his world famous tomb known as “View of the World”, it’s an historical experience not to be forgotten. Leander Starr Jameson is also buried here and together with the spirits of of soldiers killed in battle by Matabele warriors, they gather around...
Cultural & Village Tours
Take a tour to an African homestead and get down to earth with the local Matabele people. Enjoy their gracious hospitality as they show you around their “pole and dagga” huts. Use this opportunity to get an insight into the way of life for the local people and to experience their culture. We offer a...
Relax beside our infinity rock pool
Take in the aura and beauty of the Matobo Hills while relaxing beside our specially designed infinity rock swimming pool.
Walks/Hikes around Amalinda Lodge
Walking on our property is entirely safe – you could bump into warthog, zebra, klipspringer, kudu, impala, wildebeest, reedbuck, duiker, steenbok, hyrax and a vast variety of bird life. Watch out for the elusive leopard, although he’ll see you first…
Safari Spa
Indulge yourself in a full body massage, manicure or pedicure in our Safari Spa set amongst the boulders in the sunset lounge.
Paul Hubbard Tours
FOR BOOKINGS AND DETAILS CONTACT - Rock Art Sites:The Matobo Hills World Heritage Site s home to one of the greatest densities of prehistoric rock art sites in the world. More than 3000 sites are known in the area, although only a handful are open to the general public for reasons of preservation.
The " My Beautiful Home" Bicycle ride
No matter where one is in the world, home is where the heart is. It is where dreams are made and where children are born and grow. The walls of a home emanate familiar smells of the mother, favourite meals and fathers pipe. These walls have seen laughter, sadness and tears, reunions and farewells, birth...
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