Welcome to Africa's Eden
Travel Show - Global Edition
Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

November 17 – 20, 2025

Victoria Falls, the natural border between Zimbabwe and Zambia stands as a majestic world wonder, making it an outstanding destination for any travel showcase. Its powerful waterfall and rich local culture position it perfectly for highlighting the best of African adventure and hospitality. 


Welcome to Africa’s Eden Signature Travel Show – Global Edition, where the stunning landscapes and rich cultures of Africa’s Eden converge in an unparalleled showcase. 

Our event is designed to bring together exhibitors from a wide variety of suppliers across our region, creating a unique platform for global buyers to connect with qualified agents.

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Event Highlights

Main Event (17-20 November):

  • Facilitate one-on-one meetings between exhibitors and global buyers.
  • Engage in destination workshops offering insights into the unique offerings of the Africa’s Eden region.
  • Networking opportunities and entertaining events for fostering valuable connections.

Pre-Fam Tours (6 Days Before the Event):

Immerse yourself in the heart of Africa’s Eden with our exclusive Pre-Fam Tours, offering an unparalleled opportunity to explore the unique beauty of at least two distinct destinations from the event lineup. This pre-event experience is carefully designed to allow trade professionals to properly inform themselves and intimately experience the diverse offerings of the Africa’s Eden Region.

Networking Events - Experience the Best of Victoria Falls:

  • Join us for exclusive networking events in the exciting city of Victoria Falls.
  • Immerse yourself in the local atmosphere while connecting with fellow travel professionals.

Optional Cape Town Event (21-23 November):

  • Extend your experience with an optional add-on event in Cape Town.
  • A full day of one-on-one meetings for enhanced networking.
  • Post-fam experiences in and around Cape Town to further immerse yourself in the destination.

Event Schedule

Pre Tours in Africa's Eden Countries

Explore the enchanting destinations of Africa’s Eden with pre-tours spanning at least two countries, offering immersive experiences and insights into the unique offerings of each location by our members.

Travel to Victoria Falls and Registration

Travel and arrive in Victoria Falls on 17 November (midday) , and register for the event, preparing for an exciting week ahead. Your Fams may terminate in Victoria Falls directly or you will need to organise a flight into Victoria Falls if your fam terminates in a different AE destination with routes into Victoria Falls.

Social Meet and Greet

Kick off the event with a laid-back and social beer fest-themed meet and greet at 6:00 PM, creating an atmosphere for networking, catching up with friends, and setting the tone for a week of relaxed but business collaboration.

One-on-One Meeting Days

Engage in 2 full days of one-on-one meetings with pre-scheduled appointments facilitated through our event app. Connect with exhibitors and buyers to explore potential partnerships.

Afternoon Activity in Victoria Falls

Enjoy a captivating afternoon activity in Victoria Falls, providing a delightful break from business engagements.

Closing Event -

Conclude the event with a spectacular closing celebration, creating memorable experiences under the African night sky.

Travel Day for Agents Doing Add-On to Cape Town

For those opting for the Cape Town add-on, this is a travel day to transition to the next phase of the event.

One-on-One Scheduled Appointments with South Africa Based Suppliers

Connect with South Africa-based suppliers in one-on-one meetings, exploring opportunities and expanding your network.

Closing Event Hosted with Wesgro (Our Destination Partners)

Wrap up the event with a closing ceremony hosted in collaboration with Wesgro, our destination partners.

Post Fams in the Cape

Embark on post-fam experiences in the Cape, ranging from one-day to three-day itineraries, offering a deeper exploration of this vibrant region.

Fees Include

Buyer registration fee $500

Fees Include

Fees Exclude

Africa's Eden

Africa's Eden