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Lusaka is Zambia’s administrative and financial capital and is centrally located in the country, making it a hub of regional commerce. Situated on a plateau, Lusaka’s altitude ensures a generally agreeable climate.
The city is rapidly growing, and urban road development needs help to keep pace. Nevertheless, it is a lively, modern African city with ample shopping centres and service industries. While there is high unemployment in the city (60% +) it is generally regarded as safe for tourists with a common-sense approach. Lusaka’s central location makes it an excellent springboard to tourist attractions further afield, and there is a good selection of accommodations and restaurants to choose from.

Mama Tembo Cheza Guest House

Mama Tembo Cheza consists of two uniquely furnished, private cottages. The one bedroom cottage is perfect for couples and solo travellers. The two bedroom cottage is ideal for families or two friends traveling together. They will appeal to anyone seeking a unique place to stay and personal service in Lusaka.

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Tour Operator

Mama Tembo Tours

Mama Tembo Tours Zambia LTD is a small, hands-on, safari company owned and operated by a passionate, experienced traveller. Trading as MTT Safaris, it originated in British Columbia, Canada, in 2005, and specialized in East Africa. It found a permanent home in Lusaka, Zambia, in 2011 and has since expanded its bespoke safari services to over 14 destinations in East, West, Central, and Southern Africa.

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Plan Your Trip

Like any modern city, Lusaka is easily accessible for visitors by land and air and offers a range of accommodations to meet most budgets. Due to its central location, it is a good base for visitors intending to visit different parts of the country. The new Kenneth Kaunda International Airport is serviced by numerous international airlines, while the country’s main road network is in good condition, making it easy to reach by vehicle. Visitors with time to spare often visit the bustling markets and the National Museum, which showcases Zambia’s culture and history. There is a small national park on the city’s outskirts and a couple of reputable wildlife sanctuaries just south of Lusaka.