Female empowerment is the backbone of WAYAWAYA. The main focus is investing in the long-term development of artisanal craft skills, culminating in meaningful job creation. Through expert teaching by professional makers from Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, and Norway, the female makers are honed with the confidence and technical skills to create products that consistently encompass quality and design.

At its core, WAYAWAYA believes in the art of ‘slow fashion’ with meaningful yet fashionable pieces that stand the test of time and simultaneously connect to greater social awareness. The word WAYAWAYA loosely translates as ‘the art of wasting time’ and is a brand with a vital social mission. Sales of the handbags and accessories fund further training, workshops and CSR activities in Livingstone.

By women, for women, is the core of WAYAWAYA and is a concept inspired by women’s fellowship throughout Zambia. Investing in women is to uplift their entire community, with the ripples of impact being felt through the extended family.

The makers welcome you to come to their workshop to hear the story of their journey and check out their craftsmanship. Bespoke bags, accessories and gifting options are available upon request.