Africa's Eden - including The Victoria Falls - is a 365 day a year destination, with no one "better season". The Victoria Falls has high and low-flow periods; however, each flow period allows for different activities.

Africa’s Eden offers everything you need to enjoy the outdoors, experiencing vast open spaces in small groups to really connect with nature and the wilderness. Enjoy zero air pollution and witness spectacular sunrises and sunsets, and rainbows over The Victoria Falls – day and night! Contact one of our trusted tour operators to match your needs as a guest with the right weather conditions.

Africa’s Eden has three distinct ‘seasons’:

  • High Season
  • Green Season
  • Shoulder Season

High Season

The traditional high season runs from May to September, which is winter in the destination. Many travellers choose this period as it coincides with northern hemisphere summer holidays and offers more dependable game viewing. Due to low rains, plants are less dense, making it easier to see wildlife. Animals also gather around watering holes more often at this time of year.

High: 28 to 26 deg C
Low: 11 to 7 deg C

5 mm to 0 mm (monthly average)

Moderate to low

10 to 9 hours

Sunrise: 05h30 to 06h30
Sunset: 18h00 to 18h30

Green Season

The Green Season is known for its sudden intense thunderstorms (passing in just hours), lush vegetation, an abundance of newborn antelope, and more predator activity.

High: 34 deg C
Low: 20 deg C

65 mm (monthly average)


8 hours

Sunrise: 05h30
Sunset: 18h30

Shoulder Season

The Shoulder Season – summer – is hot, especially from November to March. There is plenty of sunshine for visitors from the dark winters of Europe and North America. However, temperatures during this season can reach up to 37 degrees Celsius; sometimes higher. Travelling in this season usually means early-morning game drives and activities, and sheltering from the heat in resort pools in the afternoons.

High: 33 to 31 deg C
Low: 20 deg C

140 mm to 65 mm (monthly average)


8 to 7 hours

Sunrise: 05h30 to 06h15
Sunset: 18h20 to 18h40

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