Welcome to Africa’s Eden

North American Roadshow
30 January - 1 February 2023

Thompson Buckhead, Atlanta, Georgia

Africa’s Eden

Africa’s Eden has its heart in Southern Africa. It is the expansive wildlife area shared between Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Zambia. A place of unparalleled biodiversity and magnificent landscapes, hosting numerous mammal, bird, reptile and plant species, just waiting to be the backdrop to your unforgettable holiday experience. Come and immerse yourself in the world-class wilderness, wildlife and outdoor adventure area of Africa’s Eden.

We invite you to learn about our beautiful destinations, attractions, accommodations and more through our international travel trade road shows.


Limited participation to ensure qualitative interactions and longer meetings.

  • Number of exhibitors limited to 25 from Africas Eden membership.
  • Number of potential buyers 40+ from all of North America
  • Meeting duration 30 mins 


Day 1

30 January

Morning - Arrivals
Lunch Networking
Afternoon - Destination workshops
Evening - Cocktail social reception
Accommodation included

Day 2

31 January

Breakfast - Networking
Morning - one on one meetings
Lunch - Networking
Afternoon - one on one meetings
Dinner - followed by
“fireside stories from AE”

Day 3

1 February

Breakfast Networking
Morning - one on one meetings
Lunch - Networking
Show Ends


Wendy Bourne

Louise Leach

James Conolly
Laurie Johnson
Heiko Dorgeloh

Ray Berrouet

Robyn Whaley

Desert Delta Safaris

Andrew Flatt

African Monarch Lodges

Tinolla Rodgers

Safari Destinations

Carina Grueninge

Green Safaris

Rosalind Hine

Safari Trends

Fred Macdonald

Wild Horizons

Wilma Griffith

NatureFriend Safaris

Leander Borg


John Lainge

The River Club

Mark McCormick

Tortilis Marketing

Alex Johnston

Machaba Safaris

Jill Polsky

Pure Africa

Bernadette Veldsman




Luxury Focus Safaris

Giani, Lorenzo

Africa Adventure Co

Nolting, Alison

Hammock Therapy Travel Company

Chaffee, Lisa

TravelBoecker Adventures

Boecker, Christine

Carter Elite Travel

Carter, Lula



Ultreia Travel, an Independent Affiliate of Travel Experts

Battista, Jessica

Altour/ Travel with Cara LLC

Steinel, Cara

Hills of Africa

Knowland, Kati

Hills of Africa

Overmyer, Amanda

Mills Africa

Casto, Kristina

African Portfolio

Hensley, Vanessa

Cilla Travel LLC

Holmes, Priscilla

Crystal Globe Grand Travels

Bagner, Crystal

Expedition Travellers

Hwang, John C

Eyes on Africa

Glover, Nicky

Moonstruck Vacations

Jimmink, Gina

Next Adventure

Townsend, Jeremy

Soul of Africa Travel

Lavin, Richelle


Ogle-Collins, Pat

Cosby Travel Consultants

Cosby, Arleta

East Africa Wild Adventures Ltd

Bhanji, Alym

Great Dane Journeys

Mikkelsen, Bjarne

Amazing DaysTravel

Parthree, Julie

East Africa Wild Adventures Ltd

Bhanji, Alym

Great Dane Journeys

Mikkelsen, Bjarne

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