Things To Do

Africa's Eden is the gateway to a wide selection of activities; from safari and wilderness experiences to culture, adventure and leisure. We have something for everyone.


Not only are we a multi-country destination, where you can travel seamlessly across borders. We also cater to a broad spectrum of needs, interests and people:

  • Personal experience – personalised travel experiences based on individual preferences, through your customised profile, high-trained travel experts or with the assistance of a concierge service
  • Experience Africa’s Eden like a local – get tips from locals on what they would do on a visit to the destination.
  • Eco-travel – engage with green and sustainably-minded operators, destinations, products and services during your trip.
  • Travel with a conscience – engage with ethical operators, destinations, products and services during your trip.
  • Solo women – explore and book options for travelling as a woman travelling alone: experience Africa’s Eden on your terms.
  • Families – multi-generational family groups and from young to elderly, we cater for all ages and mobility needs.
  • Niche – do you have specific travel objective in mind? Talk to one of our travel experts to build a tailor-made experience of a lifetime.
  • Health and organic – find accommodation and activities that cater to your dietary and health needs.
  • MICE – are you looking for a unique destination for your next big expo or conference? We can cater for meetings and exhibitions up to 1,000 participants.
  • Bleisure – travelling for business? Why not tack on a few days for safari or adventure activities? Or, relax before you head back to the office.

The Victoria Falls and Africa’s Eden destination are not just about a safari holiday. We urge travellers to diversify their plans, taking into consideration the rich cultural heritage of the region, variety of traditional art, crafts, dance and music.

The Victoria Falls is the adventure capital of the region. We offer various levels of action-based outdoor activities, such as white water rafting, bungee jumping, micro-light flights, parachuting and even swimming in the Instagram-essential “Devils Pool”.

Most destinations within Africa’s Eden provide opportunities to experience history and culture, giving like-minded travellers opportunities to view and understand the colonial and tribal histories of the region.

No visit to the KAZA region is complete without a walk over the famous Victoria Falls bridge or a walking tour to view the Smoke that Thunders from the Zambian or Zimbabwean sides of this wonder of the natural world. Or both!