The Narrative Namibia Online Store

Writer: Annelien Murray
Photos: Alta Strydom

“Ever poised on that cusp between past and future, we tie memories to souvenirs like string to trees along life’s path, marking the trail in case we lose ourselves.” – Susan Lendroth

If you pick the right souvenir shopping spots in Namibia, you’ll hardly ever find a “made in China” sticker. Anyone who has stepped foot into a curio shop at a Gondwana lodge will know that the carefully curated cornucopia of items for sale are all meaningful. Nothing is random. Nothing isn’t thought of. In true Gondwana fashion, everything has a Namibian story to tell.

Gondwana earrings from The Narrative Namibia Online Store

It all starts with the sourcing process that ties in with Gondwana’s core values – sustainability, environmental consciousness, cultural expression, and conservation of our social, wildlife and cultural heritage. 

Each of Gondwana’s accommodation establishments all over the country houses a unique product range that dovetails with each lodge’s distinctive character. The different product ranges, like the lodges, are inspired by and reflect Namibia, her people, flora and fauna.

In an effort to become master surfers on top of the global pandemic wave, Gondwana hustled to get the stores online and aptly called it “The Narrative Namibia“. By reaching beyond borders and bringing Namibia to the global community, Gondwana can simultaneously offer a broader marketplace to loyal crafters and producers. 

The desire to help them continue generating income brought Gondwana Collection Namibia’s official online store to life. Just like when booking Gondwana accommodation and services, it is 100% safe to order online!

It isn’t hard to find talent in Namibia – it is as abundant as the sunshine. Each craftsman’s and creator’s story is intertwined with ours, and we thus stand by our philosophy: “you can only be successful if you make others successful”. It will continuously be echoed in everything Gondwana does… whether in the hollows of the Fish River Canyon, on top of Brandberg, in the swells of the Atlantic, or in massive expanses of sand in the Namib Desert. These echoes reach all the way to international guests who yearn to hold on to something tangible from their previous life-altering experiences in Namibia.

Amongst Namibia’s bottomless reservoir of talent are: quality leather products by Fimbi, jewellery and all sorts of crafts by Tameka, the famous Gweri socks with all kinds of fun designs, colourful toys and more by Little Bugs, beautifully embroidered artistry by Penduka, and so much more.

On the cusp between past and future, a souvenir can tell a thousand stories. It is a reminder of the journey – the good, the tough and the things that make you want to go back for more. But also, it morphed you into the person that you currently are. Journeys shape and chisel us in ways we don’t always expect or even realise until we perhaps pick up a souvenir that brings back unforgettable memories that we get to indulge in.

When travelling, leave nothing but footprints. Take nothing but memories… and a souvenir from one of Gondwana’s shops or the online store. Enjoy a piece of Namibia ordered online from the safety of your home and delivered to your doorstep.