Shop With Purpose in Victoria Falls

The roar of Victoria Falls tells a story of a natural wonder; the whispers of the wilderness tell a tale of untamed adventure. But our community empowerment initiatives tell the story of the people who live here. Local life overflows from open doorways and windows, and when you step inside, you learn a secret. 

Its legacy lives within the communities in a city famous for its staggering views and historical landmarks. These activities dig beneath the surface of Victoria Falls town to give guests an authentic and enriching experience while empowering the local community and celebrating cultural diversity. 

Stalls of fresh vegetables on a shop with purpose tour in Victoria Falls

Pay It Forward – Empowering Guests to Shop With Purpose 

The Wild Horizons Pay It Forward Initiative inspires positive action and allows guests to enrich their journey while actively making a positive impact. Guests receive a list of registered charitable organisations, such as the Old Age Home or Orphanage and choose where they would like to dedicate their donations.

Then, armed with a list of ‘wishes’ that the organisation provides, a driver will transfer guests to various markets in the area. As they explore the stalls and meet the vendors, they will gather the items on the list and connect with local people, discover hidden gems in the less-visited parts of Victoria Falls town, and immerse themselves in a rewarding style of grocery shopping.

Guests can visit their selected organisation to deliver the goods and directly meet the people they have helped. This experience digs beneath Victoria Falls surface to give guests a unique insight into the town while empowering those in need.

When we travel with purpose, we can make a meaningful difference in our lives and the local communities’ lives. Guests take unforgettable memories home with them while also leaving something good behind. 

Craft and Curios in Victoria Falls

Have you ever been inside the Victoria Falls craft and curio markets? Bold, bright chitenge material in a dizzying array of colours is draped over the walls. Malachite bowls dot the mat-covered ground like stunning green flowers bursting through the earth. 

Roaming among these treasures are intricate woodcarvings of rhino, hippo, elephant and antelope. It is a unique shopping experience, and you could lose yourself in the brilliance of the crafts displayed for hours on end. In addition, this activity supports the local community and empowers them to share the benefits of tourism.