Reasons You Need A Self Drive Namibian Holiday 

Travel to Namibia, by its very description, is off the beaten track – it is not a mass tourism destination. Still, for those who venture to its largely unpopulated shores, there is magic to be found. Check out a few of the reasons we think you need to plan a self drive Namibian holiday. 


Namibia holds a charm of freedom and space: freedom to move and space to breathe deeply. Namibia is a land of vastness, wide open spaces, thirsty landscapes and harsh beauty. The name alone conjures up ethereal images of endless sandscapes and towering ochre dunes, but there is more to this ancient landscape than initially meets the eye.  


Namibia holds a magic of diversity; Namibia is not simply a safari destination. Instead, Namibia is about the brutal landscapes, the arid desolation of the ‘land God made in anger’, the eclectic cultures of its people, and the abundant wildlife.

Slow down

In Africa, things slow down, so in Africa, you need to slow down as well. So take the extra time, stay a little longer, and expect to move a little slower. A self-drive safari is an ideal way to do just that!

Excellent roads

Namibia has an extensive, rigorously maintained road network, one of the best in the region. With so few roads, navigation is easy, and infrastructure typically works. Even though most of the Namibian road network is gravel, the roads are well maintained and regularly graded.

Stay connected

There is widespread cell phone reception throughout much of Namibia. We recommend arriving with an unlocked smartphone, and then you can simply pop in a local SIM card. This way, you can be connected to data and calls from almost anywhere in the country. 


A self-drive safari will allow you the flexibility to take in the vast landscapes of Namibia at your own pace and plan your photographic stops between destinations. If you notice a gorgeous sunset, Namibians won’t bat an eye at the thought of stopping on the side of a dirt road and pulling out the cool box to enjoy a few beverages and the view. 

Support local

Because of the vast distances in Namibia and the scattered population, the majority of the staff employed at lodges in the remote regions of Namibia come from the local communities. On a self-drive safari, guided excursions are typically done with in-house lodge guides. This is a real example of how tourism dollars create jobs and offer upskilling opportunities. Many of the safari lodges in Namibia are dedicated to improving their local communities living conditions, medical care and education prospects. 

Luxury accommodation

Gone are the days when a self-drive holiday automatically equates to a budget trip. In fact, the beauty of a self-drive holiday is the opportunities for you to mix and match where to stay. One night you might stay in a guest house or farm, whereas the next might find you under the stars in a tower room at Le Mirage Resort and Spa! On a self-drive holiday in Namibia, it’s straightforward to realise that it is the journey that counts every bit as much as the end destination.

Le Mirage is a fabulous stopover on a self drive Namibian holiday