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Planning your once-in-a-lifetime African safari is daunting with so many options available. The internet is a fantastic resource for safari information. However, regardless of whether you consider yourself a savvy traveller, you’ll likely be overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of options. Check out our top ten reasons your safari will be better with a local travel agent.

Save time, money and your sanity

Trawling through the internet is time-consuming and can swiftly send you down a rabbit hole. Moreover, with excessive information on the internet, how can you decipher what information is essential and which is pointless when you don’t know the destination?

A local African-based travel agent will do the legwork while being mindful of your budget. In addition, they have access to insider information, including the best rates and deals, which are often not posted online.

Support Local

Travel can offer significant benefits to communities and conservation efforts on the ground. Nevertheless, if a reservation is secured with an overseas travel agent, not all of the payment ends up in the local economy. For example, a Zambian-based travel agent has a more vested interest in the country as this is where they live and raise their families.

Prevent Mistakes

Imagine thinking you have booked a tranquil sunset dinner cruise on the Zambezi River only to arrive and find yourself on an adrenaline-pumping whitewater rafting expedition instead! Conversely, some safari camps are well set up for children, whereas others have a strict no-kids policy. A travel agent based in the destination would know your needs and ensure that all your bookings meet them.

Tailored Itineraries

Do you imagine going off the beaten track in lesser-known national parks such as Nkasa Rupara or Mudumu? Perhaps you prefer to linger for longer in destinations like Victoria Falls or Swakopmund? Your local travel agent will be able to tailor an itinerary to your specific travel style. At the same time, they will be familiar with the more remote destinations of Africa’s Eden and can explain the various accommodation options and daily travel distances.

Expert Destination Knowledge

A local travel agent based in-country intimately knows the location and will have travelled around it. As a result, they will have expert knowledge of travel requirements, visas, the best places to stay, the best activities, and other hidden gems. This up-to-date information will help you get the best experience from your holiday.

Get Insider Information

It would be a disaster to book an African safari deal online, thinking you could combine game viewing with sunbathing, only to find on arrival that it is the middle of winter in the Southern hemisphere. Conversely, the rainy season might be warmer, but the animals are more difficult to find. These details are essential to a fantastic safari in Southern Africa and why we highly recommend getting local advice.

Up-to-date Advice

An African-based travel agent would know of any immediate changes in the region and recommend adjusting your itinerary accordingly. After all, you may have seen a fantastic safari camp on Trip Advisor in Hwange National Park, but your Zimbabwean travel agent will know if it is still under the same management.

Less Frills Equals Better Value

Large travel companies pay a huge amount for marketing and ensuring that their brand is top of mind. However, this brand recognition comes at a cost – to you as the traveller. Extra frills aren’t what you need for a fantastic safari experience. However, what you do want is better value, and that will come in the form of a local travel agent that can help on the ground. A local travel agent will form your itinerary to your exact needs and not include anything unnecessary, saving you money.

Communicate with an Actual Person

Holiday mishaps happen. Suppose there is a problem with your accommodation reservation, or your luggage is lost somewhere in Timbuktu, but your safari starts the following morning. In that case, you’ll be able to speak with an actual person in real-time. Internet sites often do not make telephone contact details available, so you’ll be left on your own to solve any issues that arise.

Payment Options

Online bookings are usually instant and locked in. However, if you engage with a local agent, you’ll be able to plan and book a holiday at your own pace. In addition, your safari agent can change or add to your perfect itinerary before locking in and paying.

You are unique, and your idea of a dream safari holiday will likely be different from the next person’s. Your local travel agent will keep you updated on relevant news and trends. Most travel agents don’t add a surcharge for itinerary planning, and the price you pay is the same as if you book your accommodation, safaris and activities yourself. In fact, a local travel agent will often save you money while simultaneously offering personalized service. We would certainly call that a win-win!

Africa’s Eden can be perceived as an expensive destination, but this is not always true. Many small, independent operators offer excellent products at a lower price, or specific destinations have different costs depending on the season. A local Tour Operator or Destination Management Company would be able to advise on differing costs.

Keep in mind that there is a price to pay for the unique conservation and low impact in Africa’s Eden – it has fewer people in many of its wildlife areas, and there may be a price to pay to keep it this way.

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