Africa's Eden is an enormous area covering four countries. Getting around is easier than you can imagine. There are two fundamental rules for travel around Africa's Eden:

  • Decide what kind of experiences you would like.
  • PLAN! You cannot just fly to any destination on a whim and expect success.

Follow these rules, and you will always have an enjoyable trip.

Other Considerations

  • Pay attention to distances – some places can look close on a map but may not be accessible by roads or airlines.
  • Your decisions will be dictated by the length of your holiday and your budget.
  • You may be able to book your travel directly or get assistance from one of our recommended Destination Management Companies or Tour Operators.
  • You should see getting around the region as an experience itself!

Some methods of transport you can expect in Africa's Eden:

  • Fly-in safari – charter flights are used to get to and from airport hubs and bush camps.
  • Mobile safari – one operator sets up mobile camps and drives you to established facilities. An advantage of this style is that you set up a rapport, as you do not change Guides.
  • Self-drive – hire a 4×4 vehicle to take you to established camps/areas or hire a fully equipped 4 x 4 camping vehicle to camp or go to more remote areas.
  • Trains – Some excellent luxury trains offer a unique Safari experience. Some countries still have regular train services, which could add to the experience of travelling in Africa. However, these trains often run behind schedule, so time flexibility is needed for this mode of transport.
  • Buses – as with trains, local buses run between the towns in Africa’s Eden. These buses can be a hair-raising experience as they often run at night rather than during the day. Speeding and over-crowding can be an issue.
  • Specialist tours – Choose a trip using bicycles or motorbikes.
  • Scheduled flights to a single destination and stay or travel around the area. This is easy to do as Africa’s Eden has four countries in one area where many highlights are within a 2-hour drive.
  • Boat – when some rivers are high, this may be the only way to get to some properties.
  • Houseboats – you can experience these “floating hotels” on Lake Kariba from Zambia or Zimbabwe and the Chobe River in Botswana.
  • Mokoro expeditions – Dug-out canoes are a novel and relaxing way to get around the Okavango Delta in Botswana.
  • Walking safaris – these unique expeditions into the bush with experienced Guides are often the highlight of any trip to Africa’s Eden.
  • Local taxis or hotel transport in the towns and cities in Africa’s Eden – there is no Uber. Still, there are always local taxis, and your hotel will often have transportation available.
  • Walking around your destination town is usually safe. Remember that many towns have wildlife wandering around (especially at night when it is difficult to see them). It is always advisable to keep valuables out of sight.
  • Hire a local guide to take you around.

The most common combination of travel is to one destination, arriving by scheduled flight and then travelling around the destination using organised/planned transfers, which is safe and reliable.