Nanzhila Safaris

Your closest true Zambian safari destination to Livingstone. Nanzhila Safaris operates in the closest true safari area in Zambia to the Victoria Falls and enjoys nearly 3000 sqkm almost to itself. An incredible variety of wildlife and birding species are to be found across our 2 magnificent camp locations that compliment each other perfectly. Our original Plains Camp and her rolling grasslands has recently been joined by our Lake Camp on the game rich shorelines where the Musa River joins Lake Itezhi-tezhi.

Nanzhila Safaris

People used to say the Southern Kafue is the place you go for your third or fourth safari. That’s industry code for “by then you more interested in the smaller things and won’t mind the fact that the exciting big animal species are rarely seen.” Except that’s no longer the truth. Southern Kafue is still great for a third or fourth visit but the notion of this wilderness being the poor cousin of the Lower Zambezi and Luangwa simply isn’t accurate – it’s just misdirected. The safari experience at Nanzhila Plains and Lake Camp is very different from other parts of Zambia – which is great and very necessary. The key word about Southern Kafue is diversity – you will not find another wildlife region in Zambia with as wide a variety of mammal and bird species as Southern Kafue. You see a wide range of different animals all the time. Then when Predator Season comes around from October to December, you have lion, leopard, wild dog and cheetah showing up on an almost daily basis to hunt the hundreds of antelope gathering on fertile grazing lands left behind by the receded lake and Musa River levels.

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