Livingstones Supply Co

Livingstones Garden and Home was established in Johannesburg in 1986 and provides garden equipment, outdoor furniture and bush clearing equipment to game reserves, safari lodges and hotels. In 2008 Livingstones Supply Co (LSC) was founded as a separate company within the group with the objective of specialising in the supply of hospitality products and equipment. We are the leading supplier of the finest enduring and sustainable hospitality products for the home, bush and beach. We pride ourselves on offering a full spectrum of products which have been thoroughly “tried and tested”. With over two decades of experience in the hospitality sector, we strive to be industry leaders and a benchmark in wholesale supply to the hospitality industry and the home.

Livingstones Supply Co

In a store in Johannesburg you’ll find a mind-boggling array of goods and

chattels, from Egyptian linen to winches and everything in between. Livingstones Supply Co can supply just about anything lodges require. Coining the phrase, ‘We are your

closest store’, Livingstones delivers all over the continent. But it’s not just a case of lodges selecting what they need online. LSC like assisting clients to ensure they choose what is best 

They can source so much more than what is on the website. The team’s

100-plus years of experience means they understand what a lodge needs, from back to front

of house and even on game drives. As well as sourcing products from around Africa and

overseas — such as the Dietz lanterns you find in many camps — Livingstones manufactures

many of its own products, including hotboxes, ponchos, blankets and its own linen brand, with designs based on the knowledge gleaned over the years.

It’s not just restocking supplies that lodges need to think about. When you read about a new lodge opening or one there is every chance that LSC have advised them on their equipment needs. The goods Livingstones supply are not limited to lodges and camps; they are equally happy to furnish your home and help you bring a bit of Africa to wherever you live in the world.