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After falling in love with the Busanga Plains, we built Chisa Busanga Camp to mimic its surrounds through beautiful architecture and environmentally conscious design.

Chisa is the Nyanja word for ‘birds nest’, and the rooms were inspired by the weaver bird nests that decorate the trees here. Sitting on a small tree-lined island, the camp uses only solar power as do the game drive vehicle and bicycles used to explore the watery dambos beyond.

Chisa Busanga Camp celebrates the natural and cultural heritage of the Busanga Plains, a place that will leave an indelible imprint on your mind, as it has on ours.

Chisa Busanga Camp

When we started with the Chisa Busanga Camp design, Green Safaris’ Founder, Vincent and his close friend Bert Meerstadt, an architect from the Netherlands, were wandering together around the island where the camp would be situated, in the middle of the Busanga Plains. And at one moment during their walk together, they both looked up and stared at a beautiful bird’s nest. In a split second and without words, they both realised what the design of this new camp would be – nests!

Weavers’ nests make ingenious homes and we wanted to replicate this in some way, but of course on a larger scale for people. The goal was to offer unique and fascinating accommodation as well as create beautiful spaces where guests could reflect on nature’s wonder and ingenuity. What we were soon to be reminded, however, is that nature has had millions of years to perfect her designs. Our experience at nest building at this point was zero.

Property Facilities

Room Facilities

The Nest
Hidden away in the trees, the Chisa Busanga Nests weave together luxury and romance while immersing you in the enchanting wilderness of the Busanga Plains. The Nests have become part of the magic that is woven into the Busanga Plains. Wake up to elephants walking through the mist that rises off the drying floodplains below; fall asleep knowing that you sleep a little closer to the stars. It’s hard not to be captivated by this fairy-tale! Each room has its own private deck, you can opt to dine privately overlooking to vast plains from your nest, and enjoy our complimentary laundry service. One of our rooms is equipped with an electric lift to ensure it is accessible for anyone visiting our mini paradise.

Special Interest

E-Mountain Bike Safari
Experience the wonders of Busanga quietly and at a comfortable pace from the seat of an electronic mountain bike, with an experienced guide sharing their knowledge of the bush. Our guides know all Busanga’s secrets, including spots for breath-taking views and great birding opportunities. As you crisscross through this enchanting landscape on two wheels, you will be creating lifelong memories.
Walking Safari
Slow down to nature’s pace as your knowledgeable guide and armed scout leads you on a bush walk that immerses you in the natural beauty of Busanga Plains. Our guides are from neighbouring communities and know the secrets of Busanga in every detail. A maximum of six people can go on a walking safari and the minimum age is 14.
E-Cruiser Game Drive
Blend into the quiet of nature in our e-Cruiser, which allows you to experience all the sights and sounds of the bush in near silence and with a deep sense of environmental care. Go unnoticed as you watch elephants walking through the mist at dawn, water-loving lechwe jump the streams, and a mother lion feed her little cubs.
Keep your eyes and ears open because you don’t want to miss seeing some of the 470 bird species that call the Busanga Plains home. This includes Africa’s endangered crane species, the colourful saddle-billed stork and a variety of other water birds. It’s always exciting to spot Pel’s fishing owl, which is often found perched in the trees waiting to make its next catch in the stream below.
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