Wild Horizons Home Hosted Lunch & Village Tour

Observe the riverine forest from a variety of different vantage points – from above, below and within the canopy itself. Experience forest birdlife, which can include the Knysna and Purple crested Turaco (Lourie) and Peregrine Falcons. Guests are taken to an authentic rural village and given the opportunity to watch local villagers going about daily tasks.

The Wild Horizons Lookout Cafe

In a town filled with natural wonder and staggering scenery, the Wild Horizons Lookout Café has managed to earn a reputation as an iconic landmark in Victoria Falls. Perched on the edge of the Batoka Gorge above the raging Zambezi Rapids, the Lookout has panoramic views of the Victoria Falls Bridge that hangs in the chasm of the Gorge.

Dusty Roads

Sarah Lilford founded Dusty Road, a Zimbabwean catering company, in 1998. From day one, it epitomised Sarah’s passion for fresh, seasonal food and her sunny, affable personality shone through as she produced a pantry range of pickles, preserves, jams, chutneys, oils, vinegars and confectionary.

Okavango Gin

Inspired by Nature, Okavango Gin is more than a spirit, it is a celebration of the great wilderness and the purity of Nature. Under the canopy of an old growth Ebony Forest, our off-the-grid distillery overlooks an ancient floodplain of the Okavango where its pure water forms the base of our Gin.