Pure Africa Zambezi Explorer

The Zambezi Explorer, Pure Africa’s flagship cruiser, brings a welcome level of sophistication to the river. A recent upgrade saw newly crafted furniture, hand-woven Ndebele-patterned chairs and mood-enhancing light fittings all adding to the contemporary design elements.

Pure Africa The Eatery Pot & Cruise

A trademark combination of our two distinctly Pure Africa experiences, The Eatery Pot & Cruise allows you an extended period on the Zambezi River. Arrive at the Pure Africa Waterfront for your Sunset Cruise onboard our flagship Zambezi Explorer, soaking up the ambience as the colours of the sky turn to burnt orange before the day sees the last of the light.

Pure Africa Dinner Cruise

Our Dinner Cruise offers everything and more. Not only the magical colours of the Zambezi River at dusk but a truly unique four-course dinner served as you savour the splendour of the setting sun. Ideal for food and nature lovers wanting it all.

Pure Africa The Eatery Dinner & Cruise

Combining two of Pure Africa’s most popular offerings, The Eatery Dinner & Cruise extends your time on the Zambezi River. Commencing with a magical Sunset Cruise on our flagship Zambezi Explorer, meander through the watery wilderness, passing small river islands and lush vegetation with the spray of the Victoria Falls in the background.

Pure Africa Sunset Cruise

Pure Africa’s reimagined River Cruises bring a new level of sophistication to Victoria Falls, with our Sunset Cruise onboard our flagship vessel the Zambezi Explorer, the most popular offering. There are three decks onboard to choose from, the ‘Signature Deck’ on the uppermost level is pure extravagance, while the two lower ‘Luxury Decks’ offer inviting lounge seating and views through the tailored linen curtains towards the setting sun.

Pure Africa Sunrise Cruise

There are many reasons to get up early in Africa, and Pure Africa’s one-of-a-kind Sunrise Cruise is certainly one of them. Take to the quiet tranquil waters as you marvel at the mirror-like Zambezi and its awakening spirit. While cruising, choose between a Continental and English Breakfast, which is prepared on board and served up with freshly brewed coffee.

Wild Horizons White Water Rafting

Victoria Falls is a mile long curtain of water that stretches across the glistening basalt rock, erupts into spray, and then thunders into the canyons below. The walls of basalt rock that capture the mighty Zambezi form one of the great river corridors of the world.

Wild Horizons Zip Line

Hurtle at 106 km’s across the 425m gorge. Experience the adrenalin rush traveling a speed of 106 km’s hurtling 425m across the gorge, while suspended 120m above the breathtaking beauty of the Zambezi water below! As the river zigzags down the Batoka Gorges, our cable is suspended across from one side to the other.

Wild Horizons Chobe Day Trip

This tour departs daily to the Chobe National Park in Botswana. Guests will be transferred to the Kazungula border where their Botswana Guide will meet them. From here they proceed straight to the River where they will spend the morning game viewing along the Chobe River.

Wild Horizons Elephant Art

Wild Horizons and Art of Africa have teamed up to create a unique elephant experience that is brought to life by the artistic strokes of your fingertips, while surrounded by the African bush. The Manager at “The Wallow” will meet guests on arrival to chat to them about the elephants and their history.

Wild Horizons Flying Fox

The Flying Fox: Fly over the gorge! Take a running jump into thin air over the chasm, soaring horizontally through the air over the turmoil of the Zambezi below. Fly over the gorge! Take a running jump into thin air over the chasm, soaring horizontally through the air over the turmoil of the Zambezi below.

Wild Horizons Victoria Falls Canopy Tour

Observe the riverine forest from a variety of different vantage points – from above, below and within the canopy itself. Experience forest birdlife, which can include the Knysna and Purple crested Turaco (Lourie) and Peregrine Falcons.


At its core, Wayawaya believes in the art of ‘slow fashion’ with meaningful yet fashionable pieces that stand the test of time and simultaneously connect to greater social awareness. Female empowerment is the backbone of Wayawaya. The main focus is investing in the long-term development of artisanal craft skills, culminating in meaningful job creation.

Sishemo Beads

Sishemo takes discarded glass bottles which are then crushed to a fine powder and fired in the on-site kiln. The resulting handcrafted, gorgeous glass beads make one-of-a-kind necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and other bead products sold from the Sishemo Studio in Nakatindi. Sishemo is a female-led social enterprise based in Nakatindi, a community on the outskirts of Livingstone, Southern Zambia.

Helicopter Horizons

Helicopter Horizons are based in Maun, the gateway to Botswana’s Okavango Delta. As the only helicopter charter company in the region, they are in a unique position to provide travellers with unforgettable scenic flights, excursions and private transfers that only a helicopter can afford.