Meet the Kgosi with Tuli Safari Lodge Mashatu

Tuli Safari Lodge Mashatu offers community visits as part of their Village Tours. Guests arrive at the local village of Mothlabaneng, where they first head to the Kgotla (an enclosed area in a traditional Botswana village used for assemblies, court cases and meetings of the leaders). Here, the guests ask the Kgosi (Chief) for permission to visit his village. Once granted, guests take a tour of the village led by a Mashatu guide.

A village tour with Mashatu gives guests that opportunity to meet the Kgosi

Game Viewing and Cultural Opportunities with Mashatu

Community visits ideally take place between morning and afternoon game drives and last approximately two hours. Many of the staff at Tuli Safari Lodge Mashatu come from Mothlabaneng, and it is fantastic to learn about their day-to-day lives. Nothing is staged, and every experience of the village is unique.

Some highlights of a village excursion include visiting the local school and clinic. In addition, lucky visitors can try their hand at lala-palm winemaking (and tasting!) or get a chance to see traditional basket-weaving in action! Nearby historical sites of interest showcase ancient Rock Art.

Engaging the Village Development Committee

It is worthwhile noting that 50% of all community visit activity fees by Tuli Safari Lodge Mashatu are donated to the Village Development Committee (VDC) of Mothlabaneng to assist with the funding of various community projects within the community. A day spent meeting the Kgosi and game viewing with Mashatu is a fantastic day one for the memory bank!