Khwai Expeditions Camp: Supporting Local, Supporting Botswana

Khwai Expeditions Camp is a six-tented luxury camp located between the Moremi Game Reserve and Chobe National Park. The lodge is ideally situated facing a beautiful lagoon which offers pristine views and wildlife sightings. Khwai Expeditions Camp is a proudly 100% Botswana citizen-owned Camp, with Matshidiso (Tshidi) Stiekema at the helm.

In Tshidi’s own words, she was a “humble Motswana girl, born in Selibwe Pikwe with great ambition and drive, and a strong will to achieve above and beyond”.

Tshidi saw her vision through to creation and fruition and strongly believes in supporting Botswana culture and heritage. She is adamant that in any area that has been developed for safari and tourism, it is vitally important that the properties support the local communities and the country’s products in general.

Supporting Botswana local businesses and vendors helps the country’s economy to grow and prosper, encouraging employment, quality control and helping the communities to develop and thrive. Furthermore, Botswana’s high standards and top qualities observed amongst small and large industry players make it easy to validate and substantiate the use of local suppliers.

Supporting Botswana with a stay at Khwai Expeditions Camp

Khwai Expeditions Camp is very supportive of local products and suppliers and is intentional about sourcing local goods and services from communities throughout Botswana. This began with the origins of the Camp, which they are very proud to be able to say, was successfully built using local suppliers for the designing and provision of the canvas tents. Anyone who has been to the Camp can testify to the fact that the materials used are of exceptionally high quality and are a testament to the outstanding standards upheld by the creators of these.

Recruiting and supporting Botswana guides at Khwai as they oversea a pride of lions

All the delicious and nutritious meals served at Khwai Expeditions Camp are proudly produced using locally and regionally sourced products providing guests with five-star fine dining experiences. Botswana is well known for its fresh and vibrant fruit and vegetables and top-quality foods, and the Camp makes good use of these!

Culinary delights at Khwai Expeditions Camp

Hiring from the immediate area is paramount when selecting staff to join the Khwai Expedition Camp’s team. In addition, they work closely with the Khwai Development Trust community and the Mokoro poling station.

- Khwai Expeditions Camp

The artwork that you see adorning the tents when you pay a visit to the Camp is produced by local artists. Moreover, the Camp’s curio shop supports locally and regionally made products and souvenirs purchased from the community’s talented artists, sculptors, and weavers. Baskets, pottery, and san jewellery are all part of the well-known outstanding works produced locally.

Khwai Expeditions Camp would like to encourage all industry players to support the local trades and communities. Prioritising local produce and services wherever possible ensures Botswana’s continued economic growth trajectory, creating further job opportunities and improved health and education systems brought about by positive development.