As a destination and custodian, Africa's Eden Tourism Association pledges to take care of you, the tourist and Africa's Eden for our collective future benefit.

At Africa’s Eden, we promise to drive travel and tourism that positively contribute to society and the local/regional economy. In turn, we encourage our tourists to commit to respecting the environment and the region’s people. This is achieved through the ‘Africa’s Eden Pledge’, meaning that even when you are adventurous, if we work together, you remain safe. This can be achieved through safety and security, conservation, community upliftment, health, and travel insurance to be a more responsible traveller.

The ‘Africa’s Eden Traveller’s Pledge’ is a set of promises that you make as a traveller to help take care of Africa’s Eden.

  • Respect wildlife.
  • Respect the people you meet.
  • Buy local where possible.
  • Do not litter – anywhere.
  • Obtain travel insurance.
  • Obtain health advice from a travel clinic before you depart.
  • Adhere to safety guidelines and regulations at all times, including all public health guidance (COVID-19).
  • Come prepared – bring or buy appropriate clothing and skin-care products to protect yourself from the elements.
  • Respect any zoning laws.
  • Use the recommended local transport, taxis, etc.
  • Maximise your stay in Africa’s Eden for a truly memorable experience.
  • If you help us with these commitments, we will help you will take home a memory and shared experience of a lifetime.

To support these objectives, our operators make the following pledge:

  • Develop and operate low impact tourism facilities.
  • Use sustainable building materials and renewable energy sources.
  • Minimise water use and reduce solid waste to the best of our abilities*.
  • Ensure the safety of our guests, staff and communities.
  • Source, buy, recruit, and train locally.
  • Invest in our communities to ensure sustainable development**.
  • Report on our initiatives to adhere to this pledge using transparent monitoring and evaluation.
  • Allow third-party verification of our reporting.

*Learn more about the Victoria Falls Recycling Project and our Clean-up Campaigns.
**Learn how you can contribute to the Pack for a Purpose initiative.

  • Do not try to touch or stroke wild animals or catch fish* or aquatic life.
  • Do not collect plants or rocks. Instead, take a picture.
  • If you are taking a selfie, don’t take unnecessary risks.
  • Obey all instructions and listen to guidance from law-enforcement officers. If caught disobeying laws, do not attempt to bribe an officer.
  • If you are self-driving, obey all of the local road rules and regulations.
  • Recognise and respect local customs and sensitivities**.

* Unless with a licensed fishing guide.
**Understand that appropriate and modest attire is expected, and overt displays of affection are not cultural norms.

Take the Africa's Eden

As one of the key contributing factors to this unique destination, wildlife is a resource we can neither neglect nor live without. By respecting the wildlife we encounter, and playing our role in the conservation of wildlife resources, we are securing the future of the ecosystems where we live and operate. We must work closely with our partners in national departments of wildlife and research to conserve ecosystems if we wish to mutually benefit from these resources in the long term.


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