Kapana Quesadilla from The Delight Swakopmund

Known as the breeze in the desert, Gondwana’s Collections Delight in Swakopmund is filled with warm and welcoming Gondwana hospitality. The Delight offers guests delicious culinary options and a selection of unique cocktails and mocktails.

Located just a short distance from “the Mole”, The Delight Hotel offers the best of both worlds for leisure and business travellers alike with its modern and inviting exterior and interior.

Swakopmund is the largest Namibian coastal town and the go-to holiday destination in December, boasting an alluring yet contrasting landscape where the blue Atlantic Ocean meets the orange Namib Dunes.

Swakopmund combines colonial German architecture and influence, Indigenous elements, and modern touches. Keeping with the theme of Swakopmund, the Delight also integrates several components in each and every dish to keep it exciting but delicious at the same time.

The Delight boasts world-class quality pastries and breakfast buffets. With the freshest local produce, the culinary team enhance their dishes to exceptional standards. One of these dishes is the Kapana Quesadilla.

Kapana is a portion of much-loved Namibian street food. The meat is usually cuts of beef, lamb, or even game, cooked to perfection over a charcoal fire and then dipped in a chilli and salt powder.

Kapana Quesadilla - a Namibia streetfood

Kapana Quesadilla

Kapana Quesadilla is a pan toasted wrap, filled with a generous portion of beef strips, infused with garlic, onion, fresh diced tomato, gouda cheese and the famous Kapana Spice and served with a tzatziki sauce.

Accompany the dish with a small crisp red cabbage, cucumber and carrot shavings.


  • 200g Beef Sirloin
  • 50g White Onion
  • Pinch of Garlic, Fresh Chili
  • 20g Fresh Tomato
  • 10g Kapana Spice
  • 40g Mayonnaise
  • 40g Gouda Cheese
  • 30g Cucumber
  • 30g Red Cabbage
  • 30g Carrot
  • 1 Tortilla Wrap

Tzatziki Sauce

  • 50g Cucumber, chopped finely
  • 50g Plain Yoghurt
  • 5g Garlic
  • 10ml Lemon Juice
  • Pinch of Salt & Pepper


  • Cook the meat until the desired doneness
  • Cut into small bite-size pieces
  • Serve with chilli pepper and salt for dipping
  • Combine the salsa/sauce ingredients and mix well
  • Add salt to taste.
  • Add all other ingredients to the one tortilla wrap, then add another tortilla wrap on top.
  • Toast till golden brown in a saucepan or flat grill.
  • The tzatziki ingredients can be mixed together and used as a sauce.
  • Enjoy!