Inclusive Tourism & Enlightened Travel at Victoria Falls

The world is stirring to life, and Victoria Falls is calling you from the heart of Africa’s Eden. Let us show you a few reasons why Vic Falls should be at the top of your travel radar.

Explore A World of Natural Wonders

There are few places you will find such an eclectic mix of culture, adventure, and conservation in one place. However, Victoria Falls delivers this all in abundance. So, take your body and mind to extraordinary places of excitement and awe. Here are a few of the inclusive tourism activities you won’t find anywhere else in the world:

Lunar Rainbow

Victoria Falls is one of only a smattering of places where you can see a Lunar Rainbow or Moon Bow. A nighttime trip around the rainforest adds another dimension of mystery if you visit during peak water flows while the full moon is on display.

Devil’s Pool

Can you imagine yourself plunging into the Devils Pool, on the rim of the Victoria Falls in Zambia? You will genuinely feel on top of the world as the bursting water plummets over the edge around you. It is challenging to imagine a more unique location for a swim than atop a 108-meter waterfall.

Rafting on the Zambezi River with Wild Horizons, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

White Water Rafting

You might have been rafting elsewhere, but a Zambezi white water rafting expedition tackles arguably the best Grad Five rapids on Earth!

A group of diners at a table beside the Batoka Gorge at the Lookout Cafe in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Visit The Wild Horizons Lookout Café

The Lookout Café is perched on the edge of the Batoka Gorge above the Zambezi Rapids, with panoramic views of the Victoria Falls Bridge. The restaurant has won the World Culinary Award for ‘Africa’s Best Landmark Restaurant’ two years in a row. Beyond the incredible scenery and delicious menu, two other features make The Lookout stand out.

Inclusive Tourism: The First Braille Rail in Victoria Falls

The UNWTO’s theme for 2021 was “Tourism for Inclusive Growth” and Victoria Falls operators are continually looking at making the destination more accessible for all. Wild Horizons proudly installed the first Braille Rail in Victoria Falls at The Lookout Café. Enock Mawema, together with Wild Horizons, Love For Africa and Jairos Jiri, spearheaded the initiative and the Mayor of Victoria Falls unveiled the rail in September 2021.

The railing is etched with braille in English and describes the breathtaking view to the visually impaired while also explaining the history of the Victoria Falls Bridge. In addition, a descriptive account of The Lookout Cafe and the highwire activities are included. There remains a long way to go to creating opportunities for people with disabilities, but small steps like this will spark meaningful change.

The Highwire Activities Are Located Next To The Café

Where else could you enjoy a meal while at the same time watching adrenaline enthusiasts fly past? The lip of the Batoka Gorge is home to the Flying Fox, Zip Line and Gorge Swing! Try a creative cocktail, and you may be tempted to do the same. Paris Hilton and her fiancé, Carter Reum, did a tandem Zip Line and Flying Fox during their most recent trip to Victoria Falls. They later commented on Instagram, “Best time ever!!! Can’t wait to come back and do it again!”

People increasingly travel with purpose to places that protect and celebrate cultural and natural legacies. Adventurous travellers are rewriting the adage, “Take nothing but photographs and leave nothing but footprints”.