Welcome to Africa's Eden Virtual Tour Operator Event

Africa’s Eden Virtual Tour Operators Event from December 9th to 13th, 2024, connects tour operators, travel agents, and DMCs with global buyers, offering scheduled meetings, destination workshops, and effortless Zoom integration for seamless interactions.
9th – 13th December , 2024


“This exclusive virtual gathering brings together tour operators, travel agents, and Destination Management Companies (DMCs) from Botswana, Namibia, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. Tailored for trade partners seeking new on-the-ground support or exploring opportunities in unfamiliar territories, this event promises to ensure you have the best and most dedicated support for your bookings.”

How it Works

Participants will have the chance to schedule appointments throughout the event days, with meeting slots available every 15 minutes and 5-minute breaks interspersed between. These scheduled meetings, crucial for fostering connections and facilitating productive discussions, must be arranged in advance.

In addition to meetings, attendees can participate in destination workshops, offering deeper insights into Africa’s Eden countries from the perspective of some of our most well-known tour operators. Held twice daily at 11:00 AM CAT and 7:00 PM CAT, each workshop session lasts for one hour. Open to all participants, these workshops can be selected conveniently on the scheduler.

To ensure seamless virtual interactions, the event will be hosted on the user-friendly Cvent platform, with integrated Zoom functionality for hassle-free logins and video conferencing.

This event is Free of Charge to the travel trade.

This event is Free of Charge to the travel trade.



Louise Leach

Sales Manager - New Markets at Gondwana Collection Namibia
Meeting ID: 714 315 5016
Passcode: 989990


Carina Grüninger

Owner Safari Destinations
Meeting ID: 714 315 5016
Passcode: 989990


Julian Brookstein

General Manager Mutondo Safaris
Meeting ID: 714 315 5016
Passcode: 989990


Amy Alderman

The Bushcamp Company
Meeting ID: 851 7035 7243
Passcode: 090480