Victoria Falls town in Zimbabwe, known as Africa's Adventure Capital, is a town you do not want to miss when visiting Africa's Eden. This small, buzzing town is perfectly positioned on the mighty Zambezi River, the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia. This town takes its name from the magnificent Victoria Falls Waterfall and is a stone's throw away from its most prominent feature.

Essential Traveller Information

Victoria Falls is THE gateway to Africa’s Eden as it intersects with four of the five countries (excluding Angola) that belong to the KAZA region. From Victoria Falls, you can reach (by vehicle) the Zambian border in literally five minutes and the Botswana border in roughly 45 minutes!

Victoria Falls town caters for everyone! Choose from a multitude of activities and options available. Enjoy the tranquility of a famous African sunset while cruising down the Zambezi River on a sunset cruise, or get your adrenalin going by leaping into the gorge while doing a gorge swing or bungee jump. Take to the skies in a helicopter to see how the geology of the Victoria Falls and Batoka Gorge unfolds below you. Choose to educate yourself more about Africa by doing a Cultural tour or learning about and interacting with elephant giants during an Elephant Experience. Just remember to save time to experience the awe-inspiring Victoria Falls themselves!

Victoria Falls has a dining experience to suit your needs. Hotels and lodges offer a mixture of fine dining and snack menus, often with an African twist. The famous Boma Restaurant offers a delectable choice of barbequed meats grilled to your taste in front of you and accompanied by local flavours in the side dishes, all while being entertained by African dancers and drummers – a feast for the senses. You can experience the stillness of the Zambezi River in the evening during a gourmet dinner cruise or listen to the sounds of the bush at a bespoke bush dinner in the middle of the African bush. Of course, if you’re craving some familiar tastes of burgers or pizza’s, there are restaurants with those on offer and don’t forget to try out the selection of craft beers brewed to perfection at the River Brewery.

Taxis and Airports

Taxis are readily available in Victoria Falls, with a short trip across town usually costing around US$5. Ask the staff at your hotel or lodge to organize a taxi for you! Many hotels offer transfers to and from the airport, the Victoria Falls Rainforest and the centre of town. You will need to check what times these are available and whether it’s included in your accommodation fee.

The Victoria Falls International Airport is located roughly 18 kilometres outside of the town and receives daily flights from all over the globe.

  • Elephant’s Walk – for locally handcrafted items, curios and other unique goods.
  • Landela Centre – Located on Livingstone way, close to the railway. Here, there are several boutiques, curio shops and booking agents.
  • Phumula Centre – This shopping centre has a large supermarket, OK, stocked with various foods, drinks and other necessities. There are also service shops (e.g. cell phone services), clothing stores, pharmacies, etc.
  • Sawanga Mall – This mall has a few boutique stores, bottle stores, a Pick’ n Pay supermarket, a few banks and other service providers, a fuel station and a pharmacy.
  • Curio market – the open-air curio market is located behind the Elephant’s Walk shopping centre. Local artists sell their wares directly to you. Choose from a wide variety of wood carvings, stone carvings, metal sculptures and fabric crafts. You are free to haggle for the best price, but please remember that this is the artist’s livelihood.

Most businesses and shops in Victoria Falls are open from 08:00 till 17:00 during the week. Restaurants and bars stay open until later.

Several banks can be found around town:

  • At the Phumula shopping centre,
  • Sawanga Mall
  • Past the railway in a small parking lot between the Post Office and Ilala Lodge.

Zimbabwe’s local currency is the Zimbabwe Dollar. Unfortunately, this cash is hard to come by, so most residents rely primarily on local bank cards. We recommend that international travellers bring USD cash because Victoria Falls accepts the United States Dollar and foreign bank cards to swipe – MasterCard and Visa cards are best. American Express is not accepted. We also recommend paying in advance for accommodation and any activities you know you will be doing to reduce the need to bring vast amounts of cash.

  • The Health Bridge is a private medical facility in Victoria Falls and is open 24 hours a day.
  • Premier Services Medical Centre – This medical facility is in the centre of town. There is a GP, and the facility offers X-rays and scans. There is also a pharmacy and a dentist there.
  • Medical Air Rescue Service and ACE both offer emergency medical assistance and evacuation.

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