Mana Pools National Park is a World Heritage Site, providing the ideal location for a pristine wilderness experience. Situated on the Zambezi River, with the Zambezi Escarpment as a spectacular backdrop, Mana Pools offers a cross-section of landscapes for your safari or bird watching expedition, also offering excellent fishing on the Zambezi River itself.

Essential Traveller Information

At 2,196 sq. km, Mana Pools National Park covers a large area from the Zambezi River to the Escarpment. The park includes four main pools, and numerous smaller pools, all located near the banks of the Zambezi. These pools attract and support abundant wildlife, including most large game animals (except Rhino) and numerous land and water-based predators. Notable is the large population of African Wild Dog. The riverine location of Mana Pools and savannah stretching up to the mountainous gorges of the Escarpment means visitors can expect excellent bird-watching, with several rare and migratory species. Migrant Southern carmine bee-eater nest along the river banks in large numbers, which is quite the spectacle.

Mana Pools is considered an excellent year-round bird-watching location. The wet season – November to April – is favourable due to the arrival of migratory species from outside the region. This period also attracts animals onto the floodplains and is suitable for viewing younger animals. However, the wetter months result in higher humidity, and it is not uncommon for roads and trails within the park to become very difficult to navigate in muddy conditions.

The dry season – May to October – makes for better wildlife viewing due to lower vegetation levels. Temperatures and humidity levels in the dry season are more manageable.

Gate Times:

  • 08h00 to 16h30

Gate Fees: (per day)

  • Day visitor local USD 8
  • Accommodated local USD 8
  • Day visitor SADC USD 15
  • Accommodated SADC USD 15
  • Day visitor International USD 20
  • Accommodated USD 20

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