Established in 1972, Liuwa Plains National Park is an extraordinary wilderness area located in the Western Province of Zambia. Liuwa, meaning "plain" in the local Lozi language, is an apt description of the lush grasslands that characterise this remote and wild park with abundant wildlife and birdlife. Those willing to make an effort to visit Liuwa Plains will be rewarded with a pristine wilderness experience. If you choose to visit during the drier months, you will witness Africa's second-largest wildebeest migration without the crowds.

Essential Traveller Information

Liuwa Plains is accessed from Kalabo in the Western Province of Zambia. Located 565 km north by road from Livingstone and The Victoria Falls at the heart of Africa’s Eden, this trip will take approximately nine hours. All supplies and amenities should be obtained in Mongu, the provincial capital, as they are limited in Kalabo itself. The park is accessed by a pont ferry, crossing the Luanginga River. A 4×4 vehicle is required within the park and advisable for the entire trip.

One of the smaller parks in Africa’s Eden, Liuwa Plain National Park, covers an area of 3,660 sq. km, which is approximately the same size as Northern Cyprus. Due to new tar roads constructed into the district, Liuwa Plain National Park is accessible year-round. The rainy season begins in November, and the best time to visit is from August to December, when visitors can witness the impressive storms that build on the plains, with the downpours quickly bringing the landscape back to life.

The advent of the wet season usually sees the annual migration of blue wildebeest across the plains from Angola into Zambia. A strong contingent of antelope is present in the park, with lesser-known species including oribi, red lechwe, steinbuck, duiker, tsessebe and roan. Predators include lion, jackal, serval, wildcat and wild dogs. Liuwa Plain is a bird lover’s paradise with a massive array of bird species, attracted to the patches of woodland found through the grassland plains and floodplains.

Speak to one of Africa’s Eden’s experienced tour operators to identify the best options for your visit to Liuwa Plain National Park, including securing a local guide to help you make the most of your visit.

Gate Times: Sunrise to Sunset

Game Fees: (per day)

  • Local ZK 16.80
  • Resident/SADC USD 1
  • International USD 5

MAP OF Liuwa Plains National Park

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