Kwando, Selinda and Linyanti Concessions are areas in which private companies have been granted the right to conduct safari operations without some of the restrictions found in the national parks and game reserves. Vast and unspoilt, visits to these areas promise luxury accommodation at a premium rate in spectacular settings. All of the lodges offer game drives (including night drives), walking safaris, and boat-based activities. Each of the areas boast excellent wildlife, with the zebra migration, the large elephant populations and good predator sightings among the many attractions. Birdlife is prolific in each of Kwando, Selinda and Linyanti Concessions, with species diversity peaking from November to April as migrant species arrive from far afield.

Essential Traveller Information

As everything is taken care of by your travel agent, and with the vast majority of activities, services, transport and meals included in the rate, the only thing left for visitors to do is decide when they would like to travel and show up on time for the flight. You can expect exceptional levels of service and outstanding accommodation in Kwando, Selinda or Linyanti Concessions. The cuisine at each lodge is of a world-class, as is the calibre of wildlife guide employed. Days typically start at dawn, setting off on a 3-4 hour wildlife excursion while it is still cool and animals are most active. A second activity begins in the mid-afternoon and may extend into the night – when powerful spotlights illuminate nocturnal species. Additional activities such as yoga, massage, and scenic flights may also be an option.

Visitors to Botswana generally arrive in the country at Sir Seretse Khama International Airport and occasionally Maun or Kasane International Airports. From there, each of the three concessions (Kwando, Selinda and Linyanti) is only accessible by chartered light aircraft, as arranged by a tour operator. Guests are then transferred by road to their chosen lodge, in transport provided by the lodge itself. Visitors may not arrive by road.

Although similar in many respects, there are slight variations in the best time of year to visit;

  • Kwando: June – October offers the best game viewing, with a peak season from July – October.
  • Selinda: July – October is both the peak tourist season and best game viewing.
  • Linyanti: May – October is the best for game viewing, with peak tourist season from July to October.

In all the above instances, the period coincides with the Dry Season (Winter) when rainfall is unlikely, sparse vegetation makes wildlife spotting easier, and climate is relatively mild. From November – April, the Summer rains make some roads impassable, and the heat can be excessive. However, the lush conditions, variety of birds and presence of young animals make it an otherwise good time to visit in its own right. Lodges occasionally have Low Season rates.

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