Bushtracks Announces Exciting Merger

Africa’s Eden is excited to announce a Bushtracks Expeditions and Bushtracks Africa merger. The California-based Bushtracks Expeditions and Victoria Falls/Livingstone-based Bushtracks Africa combined will undoubtedly be stronger than the sum of their parts. This is excellent news for tourism in the region moving forward.

Bushtracks Africa is one of the founding members of Africa’s Eden Tourism Association. The company’s forethought regarding the need for regional cohesiveness and marketing amongst tourism operators is part of the foundation that makes the Kaza heart of Africa so strong.

The merged company draws on decades of experience that will indeed reinvent travel while focusing on supplying exceptional services and capabilities. As a united force, have dedicated staff in the US and Africa and is in a prime position to offer luxury travel throughout Africa, including seamless service and exceptional logistics and support when planning and booking any bespoke safari or itinerary in Africa.

Bushtracks are amongst the world’s premier ground handling experts. The company works tirelessly to ensure every guest receives their meticulous planners’ support and first-hand knowledge.

The company’s founding brothers, Christopher, David and Nick Tett, spent much of their youth camping throughout the region, including:

When you depart on a Bushtracks safari, you’ll be exploring vast and wonderous regions that the Tett brothers know intimately and meeting African personalities they’ve known for decades.

Bushtracks looks forward to the development and synergy that will certainly come from the merger in the years ahead. One bold, goliath heron fittingly symbolizes the new brand’s persistence, autonomy, and longevity.

“Together with our highly capable US and Africa-based teams, we are very confident about our ability to seize the opportunities ahead and remain leaders in our fields.” —says Nicholas Tett, Chairman.

Africa’s Eden looks forward to continuing to push the ethos of conservation and sustainable travel along with its members.