The Malachite Dinner Cruise

When you search ‘Victoria Falls’, one of the phrases that will keep popping up is ‘Africa’s Adventure Capital’. While this speaks to the mosaic of adrenaline-inducing activities on offer, it also speaks to the essence of Victoria Falls, and the way the town will transform everyday activities into a memorable adventure.

The Malachite Dinner Cruise is the perfect example and the navy tent of the sky, the experience will engage all of your senses. Guests are welcomed on board with a refresher towel and chilled flute of sparkling wine before they settle down on the top floor of the vessel for a sunset cruise before dinner. Amuse bouche and snack platters are served while the sun sinks, including dainty cups of cauliflower gazpacho, dates wrapped in bacon and bruschetta garnished with avo and cream cheese. A barman and waiters serve a selection of lively cocktails and imported premium spirits throughout the journey.

The plush, cushioned furniture and high vantage point on the upper deck provide the ideal space to watch one of Victoria Falls famous sunsets. After sunset, dinner is served on the lower deck of the vessel, prepared on board by two Chefs. The seven-course meal and all-inclusive drinks on board the luxurious Malachite are great value for money and promise an exceptional sunset dinner cruise experience in Victoria Falls.