Sishemo Beads

Sishemo is a female-led social enterprise based in Nakatindi, a community on the outskirts of Livingstone, Southern Zambia. The shop and workshop provide economic empowerment opportunities to our seven female artisans who collectively support over 40 family members and dependents. All Sishemo artisans are now the breadwinners of their extended households and are using their income to support the education, health and well-being of their families and community.
Sishemo takes discarded glass bottles from the tourism industry and households around Livingstone. These bottles are then crushed to a fine powder and fired in the on-site kiln. The resulting handcrafted, gorgeous glass beads make one-of-a-kind necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and other bead products sold from the Sishemo Studio in Nakatindi.
As a social enterprise, Sishemo is committed to supporting the lives and livelihoods of its artisans. In fact, each artisan is a co-owner of the enterprise, giving them a secure, sustainable and long-term source of income. In addition, we donate a portion of the profit from selected products to local community and conservation projects, amplifying our impact as a social enterprise.
The Sishemo Studio in Nakatindi stocks the entire Sishemo range and offers an interactive and exciting shopping experience. However, a visit to the studio is not just a shopping experience but a chance to have a studio tour and understand how the glass bottles become beautiful and unique jewellery pieces.