Pure Skills

Pure Skills promotes the art of upcycling and zero waste marketplaces. It takes a twist on the old or infuses new technology to create unique, functional and sustainable products. The focus is on using materials of waste and recycled materials to create useable items such as drinking glasses, bamboo straws, light fixtures, and more. The profits are used to sponsor new students and further training.
Pure Skills is a not for profit established in Livingstone, Zambia, in 2015 to provide a fully accessible and inclusive training centre. Pure Skills focuses on empowering differently-abled men and women with essential skills for life, skills that they can utilise to set up their own businesses and educate others on the ethos of eco-friendly entrepreneurship.
Pure Skills works hand in hand with Zambian government organisations, local agencies, and local communities. They identify students to empower with sustainable skills and try to bridge the gap between the needs and current skills offerings available.

The artisans all produce handcrafted items from recycled glass bottles, soap, basketry, wood, Chitenge fabric to beautiful, unique fabric dolls and recycled glass bead jewellery.