Home Hosted Meals

Experience the authentic flavours of Victoria Falls with a “home dinner”. The concept is simple yet enriching and a hallmark of the meaningful travel experiences that Victoria Falls is known for.

Guests are welcomed into a typical Zimbabwean house in ‘Chinotimba’, a high-density suburb of Victoria Falls, where their host cooks and shares a traditional meal at his or her place. The cuisine is all about culture and generally includes sadza, the staple of all of Southern Africa, kale with a peanut sauce, kale sautéed with onion and tomato, Kapenta (small, dried and salted fish), beef stew, chicken stew and a side of Mopane Worms (dried caterpillars) for those who are adventurous.

Home Hosted meals provide valuable income to local providers. This initiative aims to empower local people by providing income and allowing them to have a fun interaction with visitors while teaching them about local culture and traditions.