Dusty Roads

Sarah Lilford founded Dusty Road, a Zimbabwean catering company, in 1998. From day one, it epitomised Sarah’s passion for fresh, seasonal food and her sunny, affable personality shone through as she produced a pantry range of pickles, preserves, jams, chutneys, oils, vinegars and confectionary. After having studied cookery overseas, Sarah travelled around the world and initially, her food reflected vastly different gastronomic influences: Asian, Mediterranean, south American and European, and she honed her skills working in bucket-list places: a ski resort in Switzerland, a yacht in the Mediterranean, Australian cattle stations and Kiwi farms, Scottish hunting lodges and African luxury tented camps. She blended those flavours with her own flair which stemmed from her upbringing on a Zimbabwean commercial farm, and revealed a unique take on food which proved vastly popular with those from all walks of life.

Special Interests