You can book an air experience in all four countries of Africa's Eden, which gives a contrasting perspective from staying down on Earth. Often the "birds-eye view" helps make sense of the topography below. An aerial view reveals the zig-zag structure of the Batoka Gorge downstream from the mighty Victoria Falls and clarifies how the gorge and Vic Falls have evolved. A fly-in safari is both thrilling and provides an aerial view of the location and surroundings of your bush camp.

Are you an adventure lover who thrives on adrenalin highs or a traveller favouring a more relaxed approach? Africa’s Eden offers an air activity to suit almost everyone! Choose from:

  • the thrill of sky-diving
  • feeling the spray of the Victoria Falls from your microlight
  • the quiet glide of the hot air balloon
  • the excitement of a helicopter or scenic flight

Some air activities have added activities or highlights, like the awe-inspiring early morning hot air balloon ride and magnificent breakfast in the middle of the bush or a private helicopter flip over the Okavango Delta. Can you imagine a more ideal picnic location than one so remote that you must fly in?

What to expect
  • All air activity providers follow stringent aviation rules where safety is their priority
  • No level of fitness is required (for most air activities)
  • Great memories, so take your camera or find out whether the air activity provider offers photographs or videos of the experience