Africa's Eden comprises 520,000 sq km of protected wildlife areas shared between Botswana, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe in Southern Africa

Africa’s Eden lies at the heart of Southern Africa, surrounded by a vast mosaic of over 520,000 sq km, comprising protected areas and national parks, and wildlife and conservation areas. This combination provides access to a wide variety of wilderness, outdoor adventure and leisure opportunities for tourists and conservation enthusiasts alike. This storied landscape is rich with history and culture, accessible to you through heritage, arts, crafts, language, music and cuisine. The low-volume, high-value approach to tourism ensures that you have the best possible experience, but not surrounded by crowds as you might at other destinations.

The gateway to Africa‚Äôs Eden is The Victoria Falls. Situated on the Zambezi River, spanning the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe, Mosi-oa-Tunya or the Smoke That Thunders in Lozi is the largest waterfall in the world by width. At full flow, this 1,708-metre wide waterfall is a truly remarkable sight to behold. Designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1989, and one of the original seven wonders of the world, The Victoria Falls is an essential part of any visit to Africa’s Eden.

However, Africa’s Eden extends far beyond the Smoke that Thunders, encompassing 19 protected areas, national parks and wildlife estates. This results in the world’s largest transfrontier* conservation estate. Among many other unique offerings, it is home to over a quarter of a million animals, including 75 % of southern Africa’s elephant population.

Africa’s Eden is a place of pristine, natural beauty. From the untamed wilderness of Luengue-Luiana and Kafue National Parks in the north to the resplendent Okavango Delta and expansive Makgadikgadi Pans in the south. This destination guaranteed to form part of a memorable tourism experience.

Explore the diverse hospitality and tourism activities of Africa’s Eden, or contact one of our tour operators. They can help build a unique itinerary that meets your needs.

*Transfrontier Conservation is the cooperative management of wildlife and natural resources at an ecosystem level by one or more nations. To learn more, please visit The SADC Transfrontier Conservation Area (TFCA) Portal.


Visitors coming to Africa’s Eden can expect to experience these fantastic features:

  • The genuinely remarkable power and splendour of the world-famous Victoria Falls
  • The vast beauty and tranquillity of the Okavango Delta
  • The ancient culture and heritage of Tsodilo Hills, Mana Pools and Matobo
  • The natural beauty of the diverse landscapes of the surround 520,000 square kilometres of wilderness landscapes, protected areas and wildlife estates
  • One of the last remaining pristine wildlife areas with access to multitudes of free-roaming animals, birds and reptiles viewed and photographed, cherished in timeless memories.
  • World-class sport-fishing fishing and wildlife tourism experiences
  • The outdoor adventure capital of Africa: bungee, bridge swings, zip-lines, climbing, mountain-biking, horse-back tours, and many more
  • Variety of hospitality experiences from traditional resort hotels, to exclusive, uber-luxurious lodges, classic safari camps to mobile tented accommodation.
  • Easy access from Victoria Falls International Airport, with connectivity to many major transport hubs
  • A safe place to visit with access to emergency infrastructure, low risk and ease of travel
  • Decades of guiding and tourism expertise that will help you maximise your visit, and lay the foundation for a truly memorable experience
  • The pristine environment, untouched by mass tourism and curated towards smaller groups of travellers.
  • A year-round destination with plentiful sunshine and warm welcoming smiles.

All of this is available across four countries. While this would typically require multiple visas – a headache for any traveller – travel seamlessly with the KAZA UniVisa

The Kavango-Zambezi or KAZA region includes five countries – Angola, Botswana, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe – all committed to working together through a unified ecosystem-based approach to landscape management. The governments of these five southern African nations signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), designed to establish a roadmap for co-management of environment, natural resources, wildlife and tourism across this vast territory. With Africa’s Eden intersecting with four of the five countries (excluding Angola), this destination is the gateway to an unparalleled diversity of scenery and wildlife. Centred around the flood plains and watercourses of the mighty Zambezi and Okavango rivers, Africa’s Eden and the wider KAZA area nurture abundant natural resources.

Africa’s Eden provides access to 12 National Parks and protected areas. Beyond these national resources, visitors can also access extensive wildlife estates to expand their experiences. Conservation is a fundamental aspect of the sustainable development agenda of KAZA, and it’s partners. Through sustainable tourism planning and management, Africa’s Eden and it’s members and partners are supporting this agenda. A vital component of this approach is enabling wildlife tourism to generate wealth for rural populations and a creator of livelihoods for indigenous people.

Tourism is naturally a competitive industry, with hospitality and activity offerings competing on price and service levels. However, Africa’s Eden members understand that by working together as a travel and tourism organisation can strengthen offerings, increasing value for customers and suppliers alike.


Africa’s Eden caters to every accommodation need. Whether you want to rest in the lap of luxury in a suite or sumptuous tented camp, or merely a place to lay your head between the last party and your next extreme sports activity. Options include hotels, resorts, lodges, standard and luxury tented camps, guesthouses and backpackers, catering for all budgets and requirements.


From award-winning restaurants to the latest street-foods and pop-up markets, experience the very best of global and local cuisine. Catering for all dietary needs, the world-class lodges, hotels and restaurants of Africa’s Eden offer a wide range of dining experiences. You can even arrange to meet a family in one of our communities and join them for an authentic meal of local food and drink.


The adventure capital of Africa provides access to a broad spectrum of activities. From the adrenaline-fuelled 111 metre bungee on the Zambia-Zimbabwe border bridge to the untamable rapids of the Zambezi River. View wildlife on land and water, and take a bird’s eye view of the wilderness and falls from hot-air balloons, paragliders, helicopters and aeroplanes.


Absorb the abundant wildlife of Africa’s Eden. See first hand the extraordinary multitude of birds, mammals large and small, insects and aquatic life. Take excursions on-foot, view from game drive vehicles and on sunset cruises, and participate in conservation activities with our scientists.


Africa’s Eden is home to various tribal and cultural groups, with rich histories and cultures. Interact with artisans and traders to explore the rich tapestry of arts and traditional knowledge of this region. History and heritage tours will help you understand the culture and socio-political landscape of the area. Meet artisans and attend craft cooperatives that are uplifting individuals and communities through fair trade principles.